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Risk Rating & Automated Customer Review

DocFox’s Risk Rating & Automated Customer Review facilitates custom risk rating, combined with a powerful set of productivity tools to ensure you never lose track of required follow up.

Automated and tracked tasks so you are always on top of BSA:

Unique risk rating on a per customer or industry basis

Automated date or event triggered reminders for any document or BSA task

Seamless reviews by requesting documents directly within DocFox - no more back and forth on email

When it comes to risk rating, a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough. DocFox enables you to set up a custom risk framework for each customer, allowing them to be rated on a scale based on factors that make them higher or lower risk.

Based on the risk score DocFox will change the frequency with which your customer is reviewed and notify you accordingly. You can also upload supporting documents for higher risk customers to ensure that records are kept to demonstrate that all necessary compliance steps have been taken.