Open business accounts easily, collect and analyze any document with zero data capture

We know how onerous the task of collecting and analyzing business documents can be, which is why we purpose-built DocFox to simplify and automate the process of business account opening.

Go digital with DocFox’s business onboarding solution

Fully Configurable

No Wasted Time on Admin

Seamless Integration

What our customers are saying

The DocFox user interface is amazing and really steps up our customer experience. They got us up and running in 2 days, which is lightning speed even for the fintech world.

Steve Miller, CEO at Fresno First Bank

DocFox significantly reduces the time from application to account opening.

Tina Sbrega, CEO at GFA Credit Union

I couldn’t imagine performing the MRB process without DocFox. It makes it so much more efficient and takes the guesswork out of document review.

Frank Espinoza, South Bay Credit Union