DocFox’s Adverse Media & Negative News Screening flags any concerns relating to your customer:

Negative & related news

DocFox’s Negative & Related News screening provides a comprehensive list of news mentions and articles that may concern your customer. Demonstrate your research to internal and external examiners through a detailed audit log, collaborative comment stream and PDF summaries.

Sanctions lists

Any business or individual you process through DocFox is screened nightly against lists of known criminals and sanctioned individuals. DocFox covers an extensive list of sources including OFAC, Dept of Justice, FinCEN, FBI’s most wanted and the UN along with others. Please contact us for a full list of the sources we screen.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

These are lists of individuals who have political exposure and their relatives, such as members of state or federal bodies. Due to their role in government these individuals are treated as higher risk and so ensuring you know which of your customers are PEPs is critical.


Comprehensive coverage

Our watchlist is based on thousands of sources in multiple languages, with billions of records covering all publicly available sanctions lists. We cover profiles of PEPs and sanctioned individuals as well as their relatives and linked associates. These profiles are constantly being updated to ensure you are made aware of any changes to your customer’s status as quickly as possible.

Fuzzy matching

DocFox delivers results that are relevant and customized to your customer base by configuring search algorithms. Our algorithms skillfully handle variations in names and spelling to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. All thresholds and matching tolerances can be set by you so they are in line with your policies.

Continuous monitoring

DocFox monitors your customer list nightly, ensuring the results we pass onto you are relevant and up-to-date. Names are added and removed from sanctions lists daily, so the names on these lists change frequently. Continuous monitoring ensures you are screening against the most recent records, and when there are changes to your customer’s status, you are notified.

Internal blacklists

DocFox allows you to create your own custom blacklist of those you have chosen not to do business with. If an individual or corporation on your internal blacklist tries to transact with you, that transaction will be flagged and you will be alerted so you can take the necessary action.

What our customers are saying

Oxygen chose DocFox because of its ability to validate documents quickly and compliantly, and for the personalized journeys we could build to deliver the most forward-thinking experience for our business customers.

Hussein Ahmed, CEO at Oxygen

The DocFox user interface is amazing and really steps up our customer experience. They got us up and running in 2 days, which is lightning speed even for the fintech world.

Steve Miller, CEO at Fresno First Bank

DocFox significantly reduces the time from application to account opening.

Tina Sbrega, CEO at GFA Credit Union

I couldn’t imagine performing the MRB process without DocFox. It makes it so much more efficient and takes the guesswork out of document review.

Frank Espinoza, South Bay Credit Union