Automated business account onboarding in DocFox is trusted by over 250 financial institutions, including

Automated business account onboarding in DocFox is trusted by over 250 financial institutions, including

Great client experiences, scalable processes and review

Institutional account onboarding is a manual, time-consuming, and inefficient process that doesn’t stand a chance at rapidly scaling if you’re using a CRM or sales tools.

DocFox provides workflows that empower your team to ask for less, get client information more quickly, and provide a far slicker path for your clients to onboard.

Ongoing Compliance

Customized, configurable workflows for any complex entity

The complex nature of business accounts – from offshore trusts, to beneficial owners, to vast multinational structures – demands adaptability and flexibility in onboarding processes and review.

With automation in DocFox, white-labeled workflows are configured to your organization’s specifications, allowing for quick review of any client information for any complex entity.

Worried about engineering capacity? We’ve got you covered.

We know your engineers have other priorities, which is why we won’t consume their time. The DocFox team provides white glove service, customized setup, and direct, seamless integration via a comprehensive RESTful API into your existing tech stack.

Seamless Onboarding
Ongoing Compliance

Security matters to all of us.

Trusted by over 250 global financial institutions, DocFox is SOC 2® compliant to ensure all confidential information is secure, and your business can scale safely.

What our customers say about us

Oxygen chose DocFox because of its ability to validate documents quickly and compliantly, and for the personalized journeys we could build to deliver the most forward-thinking experience for our business customers.

Hussein Ahmed, CEO at Oxygen

The DocFox user interface is amazing and really steps up our customer experience. They got us up and running in 2 days, which is lightning speed even for the fintech world.

Steve Miller, CEO at Fresno First Bank

DocFox significantly reduces the time from application to account opening.

Tina Sbrega, CEO at GFA Credit Union

I couldn’t imagine performing the MRB process without DocFox. It makes it so much more efficient and takes the guesswork out of document review.

Frank Espinoza, South Bay Credit Union

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