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A Single BSA Solution No Matter Your Industry

DocFox can be configured to enforce your BSA policies no matter the industry you operate in. Having been built in a collaborative way with invaluable insight from our clients, we have delivered a solution which addresses all of the pains inherent in the current administratively intensive web of compliance processes and outdated tools.

DocFox for your industry


DocFox works with banks of all sizes. Whether your BSA team is made up of hundreds of people or your BSA department is a team of one, DocFox has a solution that can be implemented in a matter of days.

Credit Unions

Banking businesses can be a challenging and daunting task and comes with additional BSA requirements which may unnecessarily raise costs, but as members often have small businesses you'll want to be able to provide these services.

Fintechs and Crypto

You’re transforming how the world banks business. It’s time your account onboarding solution scaled with your rapidly-growing organization. DocFox is an account opening solution that automates manual document review and processes for any complex entity, allowing you to provide incredible client experiences.

MSBs & High Risk Accounts

Banking MSBs and other high risk accounts can create complexity, risk and an intense administrative workload. DocFox has modules for all types of customers including cryptocurrencies, online marketplaces, fintechs, crowdfunding, online gaming and any cash intensive business.