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Banking is operating in a more complex environment than we have ever encountered. With the challenge of needing to go remote in a global pandemic, unstable markets, new emerging threats (or opportunities) from new technologies and cyber threats – just to mention a few.

DocFox Masterclass aims to take you as a banking professional, on a journey to learn how to build the best financial institution of the future. You’ll learn important skills and knowledge from the best and brightest in the world! With these skills, insights, technologies and inside edge, you will have what it takes to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

In order to make informed decisions it will be important to get insight into the most important aspects from experts in the know and arm yourself with the knowledge and skillsets to guide your organization to success.

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Using live role play with bankers and practical examples, Eric will demonstrate principles and techniques of empathy based listening and how they can be applied by bankers and BSA teams in business and high-risk banking.

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