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Welcome to Eric Maddox's DocFox Masterclass

Eric shared with us his edge-of-your seat story of capturing Saddam Hussein and lessons you can take into business

Eric Maddox Masterclass: lessons and techniques from a Delta Force interrogator which you can apply in banking

Eric Maddox is the Army interrogator who, while attached to a Delta Force team in Tikrit, Iraq, collected the intelligence which led to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Eric has repeatedly been able to influence those who have zero trust in him, to make the decision to give him information, even more than he asked, without using torture. Eric honed his systematic methods of creating influence in hostile environments but has found they are equally as useful in building or retaining business relationships.
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The complete recording of the Masterclass featuring Eric Maddox

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Practical guidelines on how to apply the concept of empathy based listening in banking:

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