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DocFox & Fiserv: Seamless Data Integration, Streamlined Account Opening

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With DocFox, banks can open commercial accounts faster than ever. Now, thanks to a best-in-class integration into Fiserv’s AppMarket, Fiserv customers can implement DocFox and go live faster than ever as well.

The Before: Long Integrations, Roadblocks to Access

Until now, integrations into Fiserv often meant a lot of waiting around… just to wait around some more.

Typically, we would ask potential customers to start the integration process as soon as they even started considering working with us. Submitting a ticket to get the access needed to begin implementation would often take 60 to 90 days to resolve, so even if our bank partners hadn’t signed an agreement, we’d ask them to do all that they could to get the ball rolling.. Even still, many times customers would sign on, we’d spend weeks waiting for tickets to be resolved so we could connect into the core.

Once we had access, then the real work began. Development started and we mapped every field 1:1.. Depending on the differing and potentially complex needs of each customer, development could take anywhere from two to eight weeks. Add in user acceptance testing, sign-off, and launch and, on average, it was taking 8 months for a fully integrated DocFox-Fiserv solution.

The After: Seamless Integrations, No Roadblocks

As part of Fiserv’s AppMarket, DocFox is now integrated directly into Fiserv Premier’s core. This benefits our customers in the following ways:

  1. While we still need to connect into each customer’s core, we can drastically reduce the time it takes to gain access. This shaves weeks, if not months, off our integration timeline.
  2. We will now have a templated integration already in place with many of the common fields that each bank uses. Instead of starting from square one, we can begin with a base and build from there according to each of our customer’s particular needs. This will also reduce our overall implementation cycle by roughly 50 percent. Think weeks, not months.
  3. As part of this integration, DocFox has a more direct relationship with Fiserv, reducing the reliance on our customers to play middleman. Customers will have full-visibility into their implementation process, while DocFox will have greater access to Fiserv. 

What It Means

Our integration into Fiserv allows data to flow seamlessly between DocFox and your core. No more manual data entry, with the potential for data duplication and human error. 

And while a shorter implementation time is always a good thing, less time to go live means more time to open new commercial accounts, deposits coming into your bank sooner, and endless opportunities to build relationships and find new customers. 

At DocFox, we make commercial bank account opening seamless. With our Fiserv AppMarket integration, we’ve made implementing DocFox into your Fiserv Premier core seamless as well.

Kelsey Bakken

Head of Customer Success at DocFox

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