What we’re about

DocFox is a fast growing SaaS business. We set out to change BSA from a speed bump to an enabler of new business and to empower BSA teams to manage risk when banking business and high-risk accounts.

About Us

Trusted by hundreds of financial institutions

Used daily across four continents

Used by institutions whose assets under management range from $100M to $160B

Over half a million unique customer applications processed

We live and breathe by two core principles: build useful, relevant technology which creates tangible value, and be the best partner our customer will ever have, helping them to grow their business, control their risk and provide exceptional experiences for their customers. 

The people behind DocFox are equally as important as the technology and embody our values and principles of humble confidence, transparency, helpfulness and striving to go above and beyond giving that 2% extra in everything we do. 

Where we’ve come from has shaped who we are today and where we’re going in the future. We began as a fin-tech software consultancy designing and building cutting edge, custom, digital solutions for financial services that we discovered the challenge BSA presented.

Being a team of engineers focussed on solving problems, we decided that the best way to tackle this challenge was to build our own BSA fin-tech solution. As a result we created DocFox. 

We set out to create DocFox as a tool that could assist financial institutions of various sizes to rapidly and efficiently manage their BSA requirements for all types of customers, from individuals to the most complex of businesses and high risk accounts and to transform how financial institutions perform BSA.